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Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival

Widow of Silence + Director Q&A

Tue 25 Jun, 5:45pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £7-£5 , approx running time: 85mins + Q&A

Age: 15

Director: Praveen Morchhale

Country: India

Year: 2018

Cast: Shilpa Marwaha, Ajay Chourey, Bilal Ahmad

Featuring a live Q&A with Director Praveen Morchhale.

Popular at Busan and Rotterdam Film Festivals, Praveen Morchhale’s drama tells of Aasia who works as a nurse in a hospital to maintain herself, her 11-year-old daughter and her sick mother-in-law.

She spends her days working, looking after her family and trying to obtain a death certificate for her husband who had been taken away by the police and presumed dead. With her life in limbo, unable to either re-marry, or settle her considerable financial debt without a death certificate, a conniving government official looks to take advantage, forcing Aasia to make difficult decisions to overcome her absurd plight.

Widow of Silence is a gripping and soulful film with breathtaking visuals of the Kashmir landscape.

Subtitled Screening: This is an Urdu language film with English Subtitles.