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Knaive Theatre presents

War With The Newts – A Preview

Thu 19 Jul, 8:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £8 , approx running time: 60mins

From the creators of multi-international-award-winning ‘Bin Laden: The One Man Show’, Knaїve Theatre brings you a first look at their brand new adaptation of Karel Čapek’s science fiction epic ‘War with the Newts’ before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Adrift in the bowels of a fishing vessel, you become part of the greatest technological revolution since the microchip. Will Great Britain solve world prosperity, or risk global meltdown? Join the pioneers of the post-Brexit economic recovery, bobbing in the North Sea on a small oyster-dredging vessel, where the most ordinary people make the most extraordinary discovery. ‘War with the Newts’ is a powerful, apocalyptic satire on nationalism, techno-capitalism and the future of labour in a world without work. Batten down the hatches and lash yourselves to the masts… the future is going to be a rough ride.



Thu 19 July, 8.00pm Book now