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Tunng + Support from Jim Ghedi

Fri 26 Jul
Times: Doors: 7.30pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £17.50 Standing

Ahead of their first tour in four years, Tunng have released the video for album highlight “Sleepwalking” directed by James Moore.

A hint was placed in the inner sleeve of the CD & LP formats of the new album Songs You Make at Night, alluding towards a connection between Sleepwalking and one of the band’s most beloved songs – Jenny Again, from 2006. The song picks up the story of Jenny, 12 years on. Here’s the text in full:

Jenny is a chronic Sleepwalker who lives by the sea on England’s south east coast and takes somnambulant dawn walks along eerily quiet beaches.

By day Jenny is an artist who loves to sit close to the shore and sketch the world around her, cradled by dunes and wild grasses and getting lost in nature and the rich inner worlds it inspires.

Life hasn’t always been a walk on the beach.  She’s well acquainted with the rollercoaster of doubt and pleasure that many people ride and she once took the life of a man she had loved very much, but on days like today she lies on her back behind a tattered orange windbreak. She watches the sky and wraps herself in old blankets and in the sound of the wind.

Occasionally she sleeps and dreams of colour and light.

She once woke at midnight standing waist deep in a rising tide, looking out to sea as moonlight fell on the waves. She didn’t feel the cold at all but felt that she was eight separate selves. Hovering like fleshy drones above the seawater.

See Tunng live in Halifax on Friday 26 July for one night only! 

Standing gig in our Copper Auditorium

Doors: 7.30pm

Support: 8pm – Support by Jim Ghedi

Main act – Tunng: 9pm

Sleepwalking video, directed by James Moore.


Support act: Jim Ghedi 

Born in Sheffield before moving around various parts of the British Isles and then settling in Moss Valley – an abandoned and forgotten area on the edgelands of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire – it makes perfect sense that 26 year old Jim Ghedi’s music feels both fluidly transient yet also deeply rooted to a sense of place.

Nature permeates through his second album ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’ (released last winter to much praise on Todmorden label Basin Rock) from start to finish, gliding through its core like a bubbling brook. The subtle mix of finger-picked guitar, classical instrumentation and the beauty of the arrangements create something almost tangible – like a light dew on the tip ends of grass or the sticky moisture of well trampled soil. Winding guitar instrumentals lead you up forgotten paths, gently whirring strings along rolling hillsides, the drums beat like the faint sounds of thunder on the horizon and the rich hum of the ambience hangs like a gentle morning fog.

“Melodically sublime… although Ghedi’s music is infused with tradition, it’s very much experiencing the present” **** MOJO
“a raga-like texture of tingling drones and jaunty picking that recalls both John Fahey and the Penguin Cafe” **** The Independent