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Now You See Me (Changing Times: Women's Histories)

The Gold Diggers

Sat 06 Apr, 8:15pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £6 , approx running time: 85mins

Age: U

Director: Sally Potter

Country: UK

Year: 1983

Cast: Julie Christie, Colette Laffont, Kassandra Colson, Siobhan Davies, George Antoni

An important milestone in early Eighties feminist counter-cinema, The Gold Diggers was Sally Potter’s first feature film and remains a key work of a sophisticated and cine-literate British avant-garde. Unpredictable, radical and ambitious, yet simultaneously joyful and accessible, the film attempts a deconstruction of the imagery of women circulating in cinema, history and society, and rewrites cinema history from a feminist perspective. Taking cues from Buñuel, Bergman, and early silent Westerns, the film defied the formal conventions of classic cinema, opting instead for a shimmering, experimental mash-up of musical, sci-fi and silent melodrama.

Its production was supported by the BFI and Channel 4 and it has been selected by Dr Melanie Bell to complement her talk (taking place before the film at 7pm), for the primary reason that The Gold Diggers was made with an all-woman crew.

“In a nutshell, it’s a deconstruction of the film industry and women’s place within it (as female types and stars), with a bit of music thrown in, some wonderful cinematography and two fantastic female leads.” Dr Melanie Bell.

“A socio-political screwball-feminist discourse on gender, with added tap-dancing.” The Guardian

This screening will be preceeded by a 7pm illustrated lecture by Dr Melanie Bell about the under-representation of women in the British film industry.

Come to both the Illustrated talk by Melanie Bell and The Gold Diggers for £9 (saving £3)