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SQ Scratch

Wed 14 Mar, 7:30pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £3

Our Scratch Night is a chance for you to experience snippets of new work from some of the most promising performance-makers in the region. A safe place for artists of all disciplines to informally showcase their ideas in front of a live audience; it’s about being bold, pushing boundaries and finding different and innovative ways to make exciting new performance.

This month we’re excited to be supporting new work from the following artists/companies: 


What A Little Bird Told Me │ When Did You Stop Dancing

Germany 1518, Frau Troffea is frustrated and angry.  So angry she stops baking bread and starts dancing.  Then her neighbour joins in, quite unexpectedly. Then some acquaintances join in. And before you know it 400 people are dancing in the street. And so begins the ‘plague of dancing’, perhaps the first ever recorded Flash Mob…and the first with deadly consequences.



A:U in 79 words: A:U is at the centre of our world: A:U is at the core of our humanity: A:U is in the aesthetic: A:U is in the absurd: A:U is music: A:U is art: A:U is a movement: A:U is A:U. LAVERACK has created performances internationally and is a lecturer in Performance. Previous performances include Tate Liverpool, Imperial War Museum North, Whitworth Gallery, MMK Frankfurt, Roman Susan in Chicago and Royal College of Music Stockholm.


Northern Rascals │ Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder

Contemporary dance that fuses physical movement with raw and honest theatrical work, exploring ‘Guardian Angels’ as a theme. In the full piece, we aim to integrate mime, clowning and spoken word alongside the aesthetic illusions that are common to our practice. The work considers the mental and physical transformation that an individual goes through when they have been placed under constant strain and what happens when we simply let it all go.


Draycott & Trimm │ Shelf Life

Synopsis: Meet Angie, Yvonne and Caroline. As their sons are whisked off into the bright lights of boy-band fame and fortune, these three women – from very different backgrounds, with very different hopes and aspirations – form an unlikely friendship. Bamboozled by their sons’ massive and speedy success, we watch them navigate feelings of maternal loss whilst dealing with press intrusion, twitter storms and over-zealous fans camping in their back-gardens.

Featuring a special interval performance in our cafe-bar: 


Isnaj Dui │  Sight Seeing

We all see the world differently but never is this more apparent than when something drastic happens to your eyesight.  Sight Seeing is a musical theme and variations by electronica artist and flautist Isnaj Dui depicting different eye conditions.  Using an initial theme, the melody and harmony are taken away, distorted or otherwise changed to musically depict a number of common visual disturbances and conditions, from the sparseness of peripheral vision loss to the hallucinatory Charles Bonnet syndrome.

Join us for a night that will bring artists and audiences together to share and reflect on brand new performance work in the early stages of development.