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SQ Scratch

Wed 26 Sep, 7:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £3

Our Scratch Night is a chance for you to experience snippets of new work from some of the most promising performance-makers in the region. A safe place for artists of all disciplines to informally showcase their ideas in front of a live audience; it’s about being bold, pushing boundaries and finding different and innovative ways to make exciting new performance.

This month we’re excited to be supporting new work from the following artists/companies:

Kat Rose-Martin and Kirsty Smith | Jane Hair: The Brontes Restyled

Whether you’re Team Charlotte, Team Emily or Team the other one (Anne, her name’s Anne) this interactive performance will explore the surprising story of how three determined young women from a small Yorkshire village managed to stun the literary world. Set in a modern-day hair salon where the sisters work alongside their brother Branwell, Jane Hair offers audiences a chance to get up close and personal with the writers of Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and those other books you’ve not read either. Find out how The Brontes became the world’s most famous literary family and put Haworth on the map.

Mark Reid | How to be Evil

How To Be Evil is an experimental piece using improvisation, audience interaction and games amongst other dramatic devices to give the audience a chance to reflect on their understanding of and relationship with evil. Influenced by companies such as Blast Theory, Spymonkey and Forced Entertainment, this work will offer fifteen minutes of fun, free and anarchic ideas previously untested with a live audience.

Lydia Murrãy | Closure?

‘Have you ever wondered what your ex really thinks of you? Do you have questions after the split that were left unanswered? Well so did I! So I wrote them all a questionnaire to answer and made it into a show.’ Join Lydia on her journey for closure as she endeavours to find the answers to some of her unanswered questions from ALL of the men she has had relationships with. This comedy is written and performed by Lydia Murrãy, full of facts, confessions and best of all, the truth.

AC Endeavours | Sixes and Sevens by Angela Clare

Sixes and Sevens reveals the impact of syphilis and the Contagious Diseases Acts on women’s lives and the 30-year campaign to overturn it. It’s 1870 and we meet two women from very different backgrounds who form an unlikely friendship, as they share their experiences with campaigner Josephine Butler.

Join us for an exhilarating night that will bring artists and audiences together to share and reflect on brand new performance work in the earliest stages of development.