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Small Worlds

Mimika Theatre presents

Small Worlds

Sun 27 Jan
Times: 1pm & 3pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £8 , approx running time: 60 mins

Age: 4+

Mimika Theatre present small worlds – a unique theatre experience performed to just one class of children at a time and all set inside a beautiful calico tent.

Five interweaving stories, five small worlds, five very different journeys.

Meet five characters – a bug, a goose, a fox cub, a cat and a six year old girl – and watch their wordless stories unfold.

Stories about journeys, big and small, stories about taking that first step into a bigger world.

Using an immersive soundtrack, puppetry, digital animation and miniature landscapes Mimika create a gentle theatre experience full of magical and poetic imagery. Doors are opened to reveal moving images, a wooden set transforms into a river bank, a tiny fox plays in a pop-up meadow and a cat and a girl dream their stories. All without a word being spoken.

Mimika create gentle enchanting experiences for young audiences and teachers to share together.