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Lyngo Theatre presents

Puss in Boots

Sun 22 Sep, 2:30pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £8 , approx running time: 50 mins

Age: 3+

Would you trust a talking cat?

You never know, he might turn you from a pauper to a prince just like the hero of this story, brought to vivid life on our incredible sloping stage by Patrick Lynch from CBeebies.

Using smoke and mirrors and hidden trapdoors he’ll show you how this sure-footed feline fools both the King and the Ogre to put his master at the top. He starts out as the youngest son of a poor miller who inherits only a crazy cat. It turns out however that this is a talking tabby who, through trickery and cunning, turns his penniless owner into the rich and handsome Marquis of Carabas. Naturally the princess falls in love with him straight away – now all they need is a palace to live in. There is one nearby, the only small problem is that an Ogre lives there already and what can poor puss do against a shape-shifting monster? All he needs is a pair of boots and some quick thinking! A host of puppets, a working windmill and an avalanche of fruit and nuts await you in this classic furry tail. It’s the cat’s whiskers!

“Utterly captivating” The Stage.