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The Passion of Joan of Arc

Fri 18 May, 7:30pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £10 , approx running time: 114mins

Age: PG

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Country: France

Year: 1928

Cast: Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain, Andre Berley.

Featuring live piano accompaniment from Darius Battiwala

A classic of the silent age (made 90 years ago), this film tells the story of the doomed but ultimately canonized 15th-century teenage warrior. On trial for claiming she’d spoken to God, Jeanne d’Arc (Renee Falconetti) is subjected to inhumane treatment and scare tactics at the hands of church court officials. Initially bullied into changing her story, Jeanne eventually opts for what she sees as the truth. Her punishment, a famously brutal execution, earns her perpetual martyrdom.

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