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Third Angel presents


Fri 06 Oct—Sat 07 Oct
Times: 8pm, 10am at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £20 - £1 (Pay What You Can) , approx running time: 90mins

Age: 15+

Lisa had been for a walk in the park

Stacey had borrowed her best friend’s dress

Faye had collected her daughter from nursery

Hannah was in the twelfth hour of a shift with no sign of a break

Kirsty knew no-one would believe who she really was

Rachael was ready for a fight

Linda was on call

And Lucy only just made it


Different women from different backgrounds all brought together on one night that would turn out to be a birthday they’d never forget.


Partus is a story of love, fear, joy, resilience and bravery. If you’ve had a baby, thought about it, are planning to or know anyone who has, this is the show for you. This is the sex education they never mentioned at school.


“a funny, thought-provoking and completely unsentimental piece of theatre“  The Stage


“absolutely stunning. Fantastically well written… acted and put together. The stories told were incredibly touching and the acting from EVERY cast member was so beautifully natural it felt like a conversation with a friend. I am so so impressed.” Audience reaction