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Paradise Lodge

Thu 02 Nov—Fri 03 Nov
Times: 7.30pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £10

By turns hilarious, thought-provoking and heart-wrenching, PARADISE LODGE explores the nature of identity, reality, love, loss and aching loneliness.

It’s just after lunch in the dementia wing of PARADISE LODGE care home. The entertainment is led by ERIC and KYLIE, a Nineteen-Forties duo going by the name – ‘The Doodlebugs’.

ERIC has had a lot of duos but can’t seem to make anyone stick. What’s his problem? This is KYLIE’s first gig. She’s young, ballsy and ambitious but she struggles to handle the audience, who often display ‘challenging behaviour’ and stink of piss. This wasn’t what she signed up for.

Through touching and comic songs from the war years, the residents and the audience are transported back to a time when they had all their lives before them. When they thought they could live and love for ever.

So clear your throat, put your teeth in, check your incontinence pants are on nice and tight, sit back and enjoy – PARADISE LODGE.