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Gonzo Moose in association with Pegasus Theatre presents…

Once Upon a Time…

Sat 15 Feb, 2:00pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £9 (Ticket price includes a £1 Theatre Support Fee), approx running time: 100 mins

Age: 7+

Gonzo Moose are back with a comedy adventure bursting with absurd jokes, physical comedy and magical illusion.

Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are about to publish the final volume of what will become the greatest ever collection of fairy tales.

But on the eve of their greatest triumph, a shadowy figure from their past lets it be known he intends to collect an old debt.

Now their sister, Lotte has to travel deep into the Fairy Tale Kingdom and confront a great evil in order to save her beloved older brothers.

Is our heroine in grave danger??? Yes. Obviously

From what??? Well … lots of things. It’s a complex play

Will she make it back alive??? We can’t tell you. Well we can, but it’s a total plot spoiler

Join three daring actors as they switch wildly between myriad roles, all packed into 80 minutes, creating a frenetic performance full of shocks, spine tingling stillness, and blood curdling terror as they take audiences on a journey to discover the malevolence which lurks within the woods. With comedy and thrills galore, audiences can expect visual delights, a supremely silly script, and live music.






“Anarchic comedy theatre at it’s best”


Fringe review


“A riot from start to finish”


Venue Magazine


“Madcap farce”


Fest magazine


“Thrilled and delighted an audience of all ages. Outstanding visual comedy”

Oxford Times