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Now You See Me (Changing Times: Women's Histories)

Uncovering the History of Women’s Work in the British Film Industry

Sat 06 Apr, 7:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £6 , approx running time: 60mins

An Illustrated Talk by Dr Melanie Bell

The under-representation of women in all aspects of the film industry is a problem that is endemic within the UK. With growing awareness of this imbalance comes an increased interest in telling hidden stories and retrieving the works of female British directors, writers and producers in order to share them with the public. But how much do we know about the experiences of the many other women who worked in UK film and media production, in important roles such as sound technicians, negative cutters and clapper loaders?

Dr Melanie Bell is at the forefront of a ground-breaking and cross cutting new area of film scholarship and gender studies, examining women’s impact on media production in the 20th Century and reframing women as cultural agents in the history of film in Britain.

Her interest in women’s work as film practitioners goes beyond those at the ‘top’ end in film roles, looking for the contributions of those whose names never made it into the credits. Using Trade Union records and oral histories, her work locates women working in core sectors of media production and in this informative presentation she also will talk about some of the challenges of bringing these hidden histories to light.

The talk will be followed by an 8.15pm screening of Sally Potter’s The Gold Diggers, an important milestone in early Eighties feminist counter-cinema.

Come to both the Illustrated talk by Melanie Bell and The Gold Diggers for £9 (saving £3)