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Arts Society Halifax

New England’s Old Architecture

Tue 11 Sep, 1:00pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £8 , approx running time: 90mins (no interval)

Roger Mitchell

New England’s Old Architecture

It is almost 400 years since the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and it is therefore not surprising that New England has an extremely varied and impressive architectural heritage. We travel from the impressive urban architecture of Boston and Providence to the ‘clapboard classicism’ of the small towns and villages of Vermont and New Hampshire. In the gilded age of the late 19th century we explore the opulence of the ‘cottages’ of  Vanderbilts, Astors etc in Newport, Rhode Island before taking the story forward  to the 20th century to look at the use of ‘old’ styles – gothic and classical – in Boston, at Yale University and finally back to Plymouth Rock where it all began.