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Two Destination Language presents

Near Gone

Fri 13 Oct, 7:45pm at Copper auditorium

Tickets: £12 (£10 concessions) , approx running time: 60mins

Age: 14+

Two performers – a man and a woman – on a bare stage with 400 flowers. Based on true events, these two performers have a difficult story to tell. They come on stage and launch themselves into an hour long attempt to put into words the utterly unspeakable.
Delivered in English and Bulgarian, with pounding gypsy-inspired music, this beautiful performance fills an empty space with two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a storm of emotion. A performance piece that packs a punch – transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever.

The Scotsman , David Pollock ★★★★: “beyond the limits of mere language.”
With another ★★★★, Edinburgh Evening News ‘ Ed Frankl called it “a brilliantly captured performance”
TVbomb says: “The precise and subtle performances from both Radeva and Lownie are as fascinating as they are compelling. ★★★★”