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Loving Vincent

Fri 13 Oct—Wed 18 Oct
Times: 11am, 8.15pm, 1.30pm, 8.15pm & 11am at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £4 - £7 , approx running time: 93mins

Age: 12A

The World’s first fully painted feature film. A team of 115 artists individually painted all 65,000 frames of the live action cast in this modern masterpiece. There was more to Vincent Van Gogh than just his art, an addiction to absinthe and a missing ear. Loving Vincent uses Van Gogh’s letters as reference to frame the artists last troubled days and asks the question was his untimely death, aged only 37, suicide or was there a more sinister figure with him on that sunflowery knoll in 1890?

Fri 13 October, 11.00am | Sat 14 October, 8.15pm

Sun 15 October, 1.30pm | Tue 17 October, 8.15pm

Wed 18 October, 11.00am

Arts and Biscuits | Friday 1 September, 11am

Enjoy a film, a good cuppa and homemade biscuits, all included in the ticket price.

Arts and Babies | Wednesdays at 11am| £4

With the volume turned down slightly and the lights up for the comfort of your baby, parents get to enjoy the latest film releases, and babies go free.