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Indoors Too Much + Conor A. presents

Learning to Swim on an Ironing Board

Thu 18 Jun, 7:30pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: Pay What You Can (£16-£5) , approx running time: 60 mins

Age: 14+

Learning to Swim on an Ironing Board

“Between not getting better, and getting better at not getting better, stories are needed”

Learning to Swim… is a story about shopping centres, getting better at not getting better and therapeutic eavesdropping, not a widely used therapeutic tool, but what you can expect when your therapist’s business card reads “Terry the Therapist”- and how it helped Conor change how he relates to the world.

Conor isn’t what you expect when you think of the word storyteller. Conversational, poetic,explosive, accessible and just a little bit odd. You can expect a mix of storytelling, comedy, video, puppetry and intimate conversations.

“…messy, but charmingly so.” The Guardian


Pay What You Can is all about trust. It’s about you, making a judgement for yourself about what you can afford to pay from our pricing options ranging from £16- £5 and taking a chance on something new.