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Lakeer + Q&A

Wed 27 Nov, 10:00am at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £5 , approx running time: 144mins

Age: 12A

Featuring a Q&A with writer and co-producer of the film, Daalat Ali.

Hailed as the first Pahari film, Lakeer is dedicated to those displaced during partition and dying to visit their birthplaces. Two young hearts, Sheeda and Sakina, fall in love and start to live their dreams only to be separated as a country is divided in 1947.

The lovers’ story travels through the undivided Jammu & Kashmir of the 1940s to Pakistan and back to India in the 21st century when the two countries agree to allow cross-border travel. The aged lovers meet after 60 years, but their reunion soon ends in tragedy.

This is a subtitled screening

Screened in partnership with Alliance of Kashmiri Arts and the Arts Matrix Academy Ltd.