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Up North Film and Television Festival

Kes + Dai Bradley Meet & Greet

Sun 17 May, 2:00pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £10 (Ticket price includes a £1 Theatre Support Fee), approx running time: 110 mins

Age: PG

Director: Ken Loach

Country: UK

Year: 1969

Cast: Dai Bradley, Brian Glover, Freddie Fletcher

Ken Loach’s classic drama focuses on Billy Casper, a tormented working-class boy who is subjected to abuse both at school and home.

Billy’s life is bleak until he takes up an interest in falconry  and begins training a kestrel that he finds on a nearby farm.

We are joined by Dai Bradley, (Billy Casper) for a pre-film introduction and meet and greet after the film.

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Sun 17 May, 2.00pm Book now