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Kerouac on Screen: 50th Anniversary Celebration of Author & Poet Jack Kerouac

Fri 18 Oct—Sat 19 Oct
Times: Various at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £7 each (See all for £30)

In October 2019, it will be exactly 50 years since the death of the acclaimed US novelist Jack Kerouac, the author of On the Road and a leading figure in the groundbreaking literary movement the Beat Generation of the 1950s and a large influence on the cultural shifts in the half-century followed.

Kerouac was a prolific writer of novels, poetry and essays, a huge fan of jazz, specifically the revolutionary sounds of bebop, and an individual who had a significant impact on several generations of rock musicians from the mid-1960s onwards, with Dylan and Van Morrison, David Bowie and the Grateful Dead, Patti Smith and Sonic Youth among those paying tribute.

He has also seen his life and work celebrated in film: feature films based on his fiction, biographies and documentaries.

Kerouac on Screen, curated by Simon Warner celebrates the legendary writer’s output and influence through movie presentations, musical performance and panel discussions.

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Friday 18 October, 7.30pm (£7)

Kerouac and Culture: What Happened to Kerouac?

This documentary explores the unfulfilled promise of Beat Generation icon Jack Kerouac, covering the period from the publication of his notorious novel On the Road in 1957 to his alcohol-related death

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Saturday 19 October, 1pm (£7)

Kerouac and Cinema: Pull My Daisy

Kerouac and Cinema incluedes a panel discussion about his influence on screen history and a screening of the 1959 short film Pull My Daisy.

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Saturday 19 October, 3pm (£7)

Love Always, Carolyn

This is a rare UK screening of Love Always, Carolyn a film about Carolyn Cassady, the wife and lover of two famous Beat icons, Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac.

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Saturday 19 October, 5pm (£7)

Kerouac and Music: Mexico City Blues

Part panel discussion and part musical performance Kerouac and Music expores his influence on music past and present.

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Saturday 19 October, 7.45pm (£7)

Kerouac on Screen: On the Road

Based on the iconic novel by Jack Kerouac, “On the Road” tells the timeless story of Sal Paradise, a young writer whose life is shaken and ultimately redefined by the arrival of Dean Moriarty.

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