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Journey’s End

Fri 09 Feb—Thu 15 Feb
Times: 11am, 5.15pm, 4pm, 8.15pm, 5.45pm, 11am & 5.45pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £4 - £7 , approx running time: 108mins

Age: 12A

March 1918. C-company arrives to take its turn in the French trenches led by war-weary Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin). A German offensive is imminent, and the officers and their cook (Toby Jones) distract themselves with talk of their past lives. Stanhope, meanwhile, soaks his fear in whisky, unable to deal with the inevitable. Each man is trapped with the days ticking by and the attack drawing ever closer.

Fri 9 February, 11.00am

Sat 10 February, 5.45pm

Sun 11 February, 4.00pm

Mon 12 February, 8.15pm

Tue 13 February, 5.45pm

Wed 14 February, 11.00am Relaxed Screening

Thu 15 February, 5.45pm