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Happyminds Hospital

Thu 10 May, 7:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £10 , approx running time: 2hrs 15mins

Age: 16+

A play based on the authors own experiences about the downside of mental health and psychiatric hospitals. The unconventional play has ADHD, BIPOLAR and a BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER of its very own.

HAPPYMINDS HOSPITAL is an extraordinary piece of stagecraft from Award Winning Theatre Practitioner/Director and Manchester Hub Drama Acting Coach Stevie Helps. Based on some of the author’s personal experiences of psychiatric hospitals. This evolved production features touching live music with dark and emotional content. From melodrama to physical theatre, this show has it all and is guaranteed to leave audiences talking.


Everything in Rachel’s life is crumbling. She has suffered a whirlwind of abuse, but now is the abused becoming the abuser? With a villainous Father and a new lovable love interest, can she break free from her prison of torment, or will she forever remain a pawn in a squiggly wiggly game of oopsies?

Come experience Rachel, and 13 other exciting characters, in this winding tale of drama, plunging deep into #melodrama, surrealism… and realism in a unique piece of Theatre.

Warning: Dark themes and swearing