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Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Queen

Thu 07 Feb, 8:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £20 - £1 (Pay What You Can)

The story of ‘Gorgeous’ George O’Connell, a bare knuckle fighter from a traveller family, hero to his people and self proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’. George enters the world of professional boxing which puts him on a collision course with his roots, his fears and his very identity.

In the opposite corner, Dane ‘The Pain’ Samson, the young pretender and son of a boxing legend, is fighting his own battles. This lead to a tragedy that neither man can predict.

With the real challenge taking place outside the ring, can two men raised to fight ever learn to love?

‘Gypsy Queen’ is a critically acclaimed love story about two men who find each other in the most unlikely world; the world of professional boxing. It explores LGBTQI visibility in sport, faith and sexuality and the notion of masculinity, played out with biting humour, heart and soul.

“Gypsy Queen is the very definition of great theatre” – The Wee Review 

“Heart-breaking, raw and emotional, this really is not one to miss”- Broadway Baby

“Laugh-out-loud lines…a touching romance” – The Independent 

“A multi-faceted love story that plays out with a ray of hope” – The Stage