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Lunchtime Recitals at Square Chapel

Fiona Katie Roberts

Tue 27 Feb, 12:30pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £6 (£4 concessions)

Fiona Katie is a harpist with a difference. She plays with bells on her ankles and rings on her fingers, sometimes drumming on the soundboard to create a unique sound such that Jenni Murray of BBC Radio 4 found it “hard to imagine that it is just one woman and her harp making that sound”.

This is a feast for the ear and the imagination. Katie weaves wonderful stories around characters, loosely based on historical figures going back to biblical times when the harp featured as a central instrument in festivities.

Not only does Katie make her own triple, even quadruple harps, (she currently has a collection of 33 instruments) she composes much of her music which has a contemporary feel.

Fiona Katie took part and played in Benjamin Till’s “A Symphony for Yorkshire”.

There will be a chance to chat to Fiona Katie and even try out one or two of the instruments.