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Now You See Me (Changing Times: Women's Histories)

Dreams of a Life

Tue 23 Apr, 5:45pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £7-£5 , approx running time: 95mins

Age: 12A

Director: Carol Morley

Country: UK

Year: 2011

Cast: Zawe Ashton, Alix Luka-Cain, Alistair Abrahams

Carol Morley’s second feature-length documentary tells the unsettling true story of Joyce Carol Vincent, a young woman who died in her North London bedsit in 2003, but whose remains were not discovered until the property was inspected three years later.

When she was found, she was in front of the TV, which was still on, and surrounded by Christmas presents that she had been wrapping. The film sets out to discover who Joyce was, piecing together a life from the little things that people she knew remembered about her. It shows that in multi-layered and atomised urban lives, an individual person can be many different things to different people.

We all live in busy worlds, but a film like Dreams of Life begs us to ask ourselves the question; would we have noticed?

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