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Deephouseyoga Workshop

Thu 02 May, 7:00pm at Cornerstone

Tickets: £15

Come along to this Deephouseyoga workshop and you’ll find vinyl DJ, Gabe spinning his magic on the decks and yoga teacher TJ teaching you the poses to put alongside the soulful bass vibes. Beginning with a slow, cool sound from the decks, TJ will demonstrate the basics and safety of each pose. Gradually  building up the heat, the vibe and the energy, we will peak in the middle for a few classic tunes and asanas. Slowing it right down, we’ll move closer to our mats for the soulful vibes to take you into the most blissful relaxation. If you love your house music and soul and knock out the odd yoga pose, this vinyl delight of a yoga sesh, is just for you.

Deephouseyoga will have you chilling, moving, stretching and chilling again. Wear whatever makes you smile, move and stretch. Deephouse yogis turn up in gym gear, sports kit or yoga pants. Also bring along your fave, cosy, warm sweater to get snuggly in your savasana. Bring along a yoga mat if you have one, although panic not if you don’t, we have a stash of them.

This Deephouseyoga workshop will cover all the basic teaching points for each yoga pose and is suitable for everyone. If you have never done yoga before, it’s a great session to come along to……you’ll find yourself absorbed by the magic and music.

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