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Calderdale College presents

Animal Farm and Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Thu 23 May, 7:00pm at Copper Auditorium

Tickets: £3

Animal Farm

Tired of their master, the animals of Manor farm take action under the lead of Old Major a respected pig and start a revolution; to run the farm themselves. The experiment is successful, however someone has to fill the masters boots… Leadership devolves upon the pigs, which are cleverer than the rest of the animals. Unfortunately, their character is not equal to their intelligence. What ensues is a struggle of power as we see the spirit of the animals crushed by the oppressive reign of Napoleon and his ally Squealer. A physical performance piece by the Level 3 Performing Arts student of Calderdale College.

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Dr. John Watson is moving into 221b Baker Street with his new companion, Sherlock Holmes. Little does he know that this will be the start of a dangerous and exciting adventure for him. Sherlock introduces Watson into his world of crime solving and deduction, something that Watson finds intriguing. However, soon the duo become engrossed in a life-threatening game with an unknown criminal mastermind who seems intent upon outsmarting Sherlock Holmes. ‘Sketchy Productions’ brings to the Square Chapel Copper Auditorium an original adaptation of the renowned tales of ‘Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson’.