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Sympathetic Development presents

Afternoon Tea with Wendy Cope

Sat 03 Feb, 3:30pm at Red Brick Auditorium

Tickets: £13

Age: 16+

A completely fresh and entertaining setting for a poetry reading from the quiet  phenomenon who has proved quality can be popular! The idea of a slightly seditious  but seriously good ironic moan about life’s little irritations over a bickie and a cuppa with Wendy has proved unfailingly popular.

Wendy reads a hilariously dissatisfied and ironic set either side of the tea….with a question and answer session to round off the event, plus an ever popular after-show book signing.

In an ambience akin to a cosy fireside reading Wendy charms and amuses her audience with her  poetry. At times sharp and punchy, at times soft and contemplative.

Age guidance: best 16 years and over. Reason for restriction: will bore the young