The Perfect Fit!

Fri 14 Feb, 2020
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Orange Box Choir go see ‘Fitting’ (a play by Matt Miller and Peader Kirk) @ Square Chapel Arts Centre.

On the 6/02/2020 I took Orange Box Choir to see a performance of ‘Fitting’ a play performed by Matt Miller and directed by Peader Kirk.

Fitting is about Matt’s adventures in dresses and suits and also has some magic tricks up its sleeves. Matt explores the ground between gender binaries and is interested in how appearances shape how we treat each other. Being visible, being invisible. Making things appear and disappear the show looked at our universal experiences of visibility, invisibility and trying to find new places to fit.

I have to say this performance was the ‘Perfect Fit’ for Orange Box Choir.

The choir is a singing for well-being group that through support and the power of music improves the quality of life of local young people with a variety of needs. One of the objectives of the project is to enable them to access the various arts giving them new experiences that they may otherwise not have the means to participate in.


Due to the group being so diverse and participants having a variety of needs when it comes to theatre it’s often very difficult to find something that engages them all so that everyone comes away with a positive experience. Fitting captivated the choir. The performance style was incredibly relaxed and non-intimidating and the language used was very accessible. Many of the group related to the subjected matter and the delivery was natural and uncomplicated meaning that the messages and concepts were understood by the group despite their needs. The use of magic and humour added another level of interest grasping their attention and meant that those whose needs may be too complexed to fully understand the piece were still very entertained by it. The performance was very friendly and down to earth as were Matt and Peader and the young people were eager to talk to them after the performance and very welcomed.

Fitting continues to tour and I highly recommend it, especially for mixed ability groups looking for something entertaining and accessible. Click here.

Below are comments from some of the young people in their own words which really demonstrate how much they enjoyed it –

“Watching fitting was amazing I couldn’t stop smiling! I could watch it over and over again, it feels like the story never ends and the way of the changes is amazing then adding magic made it more magical! Hopefully I see it again soon as because of how well it was”


“Fitting was, more than an inspiration for someone like myself. I’ve always felt I’ve had to hide myself, because I’m ‘Not Normal’, and that I have to label myself for others to understand.  Fitting showed me that, being a crossdresser is indeed hard, but worth it. 

It showed me that I shouldn’t care what people think if I show up to college in a pair of bright pink thigh highs, that I shouldn’t care when people say they look ‘girly’ and that I ‘shouldn’t wear them’ because they’re ‘for girls’.

 Fitting really hit home within me and I am very honoured to have been able to watch such a beautiful, inspiring and interesting show, the magic contained within added some awe to the show that I believe was meant to show people that the feeling of being yourself is supposed to be magical, not scary. 

10 out of 10, I would happily watch again if given the chance.”


“At the show I saw a man called Matt and Peader and Matt did some magic. Sometimes he dressed like a woman and other times a man. The magic he did was turning fire into an orange. He also made small sponges large and made things appear out of thin air. There was also a man in the background speaking and it wer really funny.”


“Fitting was an awesome story about crossdressing witch meant how people can be what they want to be and was amazing on how he used magic witch showed well throughout the show. It is so good how people can come together and enjoy a great and inspiring evening.

Thank you”


“I went to go see Fitting at Square Chapel with the Orange Box Choir. The Orange Box Choir is mixed group of young adults with various needs and abilities. Fitting was a very down to earth funny performance. The mixture of comedy and magic also made the show very intriguing. The topic of cross dressing and fitting in was also very inspiring to quite a few of the young people who are trying to find ways to express themselves. However, the added magic made it so those who were less able could still find the show interesting. Overall both myself and the Orange Box Choir enjoyed the show very much and would definitely recommend it.”




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