A Halifax soldier’s First World War medal has been reunited with his family.


In October this year (2019) we teamed up with the Halifax Great War Heritage Society for a weekend called ‘Great War Film Festival and Exhibition.’

Rob Hamilton (who was part of the staff team for the weekend) very kindly made contact to share details of the remarkable WW1 story.

“I was staffing our reception for the exhibition when Phil Elliott came over and started chatting about his family who were involved in the war. He mentioned his grandfather who had won the Military Medal for gallantry in Italy. This rang a bell with me as some years earlier I had purchased such a medal which had been awarded to Fred Perry and lo and behold it turned out to be Phil’s grandfather. So I was able to return the medal to Phil a couple of days later and it’s back with the family, where it belongs.” Rob Hamilton – Halifax Great War Heritage Society

Read the full story in the Halifax Courier. 


Another story from the exhibition was about John Mackintosh, a member of the Mackintosh’s sweet empire family who was a Captain in the West Riding Regiment. He had been badly wounded in no mans land but was carried to safety by an unknown soldier. A lady called Lindsay Bennett spoke to us about her grandfather who had served in the war, and had rescued an officer. She told us that after the war during the depression her grandfather was out of work and was queuing outside the Mackintosh factory hoping for work when the officer he had saved came by and recognised him. It was John Mackintosh and he hired him on the spot in gratitude.

Thank you to Rob Hamilton and the team for sharing these wonderful stories.