Legacy Giving

Remember Square Chapel and help fund our future. Whatever the size of your gift every donation makes a real difference to us.

Square Chapel Arts Centre is a registered charity and depends upon the generosity of its many supporters to enable it to continue to flourish and offer the best in theatre, music, dance, family shows and literature, as well as the Halifax Festival, workshops and community events for everyone.

We need the ongoing financial commitment of individuals to enable us to maintain the fabric of the beautiful Grade II* listed former chapel and to provide a wide programme of high quality professional arts events together with a busy outreach programme for the benefit of our community.

If Square Chapel Arts Centre and what it represents is important to you, please consider supporting us in your will.

What types of legacy can I leave to Square Chapel Trust?
There are four main types of gift that can be left in a will:-

  1. pecuniary bequest – a specific sum of money
  2. specific bequest – a particular item of value, such as jewellery, property or an antique
  3. residuary bequest – what is left of your estate after expenses and all other wishes have been met
  4. conditional bequest – a gift which is passed to charity if the person for whom it was intended dies before you.

Are there any tax benefits to be gained by leaving a gift to Square Chapel and other charities?

Inheritance tax (IHT) is charged at 40% of the value of your estate (at present tax levels). Gifts left to charities are exempt from IHT and so they can help to reduce the overall value of your estate for IHT purposes, and therefore your tax liability. The IHT nil rate upper threshold is announced in the Chancellor’s budget, however for 2011/2012 it stands at £325,000 for individuals. It is set to stay at this level until 2014 at least, so that the first £325,000 of your estate is free from any inheritance tax liability. As an example, if you had an estate with the value of £500,000 then £175,000 of that would be subject to 40% tax. Your estate would therefore actually only be worth £430,000 as £70,000 would go to the Government. However any amount of your £500,000 that you left to charity would be tax free and therefore the charity would get 100% of the gift you intended them to have.

What other benefits are there?
If you notify us that you have created a legacy in favour of Square Chapel Trust, you will receive a written acknowledgment with our thanks for your kindness, and will be asked if you would like your name to be added to our Supporters’ Roll of Honour.  You’ll be kept up to date with our news and plans and will be invited to key events. We’d also like to offer you a small token of our appreciation and will send you a pair of complimentary ticket vouchers.

Can my money be used for a specific project?
You can make your specific wishes known to Square Chapel Trust, however, rather than writing a specific project into your will it is better to keep the legacy wording general and then add a separate ‘letter of wishes’ addressed to us if this is something you would like to do.  This means that if the specific project has finished by the time Square Chapel Trust receive your money or if it is impractical or impossible to carry out your wishes, we will still be able to make use of your gift, otherwise we may not legally be entitled to receive your gift at all. We would advise you to speak to your solicitor should you wish to do this.

What should I do now to leave a legacy to Square Chapel?
Please contact Fiona Black Jones on 01422 353073 or Fiona@squarechapel.co.uk. Fiona can help you find a solicitor to write a will or can send you a codicil form so you can add a gift to your existing will so that Square Chapel Trust benefits from your gift.  Your gift can really make a difference to Square Chapel’s future – thank you.

Frequently asked questions about wills

How do I make a will?
To make sure that your money goes to the people you choose (and is not distributed according to the intestacy rules) all adults should make a will. It is quite straightforward and can be done fairly simply by seeking advice from a solicitor or a professional will writer who will be able to offer you the best advice. Wills can be written by a professional, often for little more than £100.
Can I change my will to leave money to charities like Square Chapel Trust?
Yes, you can change your will as often as you want. It is very important to update your will regularly to ensure that it reflects your current wishes and circumstances.

How do I change my will?
Making a new will through a professional is the best way to make a change so that all of your wishes are contained within one document, it is definitive and it clearly post-dates your previous wills.  However, if you already have a will, and only wish to add a simple legacy and not make any other changes, there is no need to change the whole will.  You can instruct your solicitor to draw up a ‘codicil’ detailing your bequest which is kept with your current will.  However, it may be more cost effective to simply make a new will – have a look at the offer Ramsdens Solicitors are giving Square Chapel supporters, which is detailed below.

Where do I find a solicitor?
We have teamed up with Ramsdens Solicitors LLP, who have eight offices throughout Calderdale and Kirklees.  Ramsdens are offering a 10 % discount on their usual fees for individuals and couples who make their will with them and produce this leaflet at their appointment.  This means that writing a will could cost you as little as £90 (+VAT).

Call Heather Nuttall at Ramsdens on 01422 372478 or email her on heather.nuttall@ramsdens.co.uk to discuss your requirements and book an appointment.

You can find an alternative local solicitor by contacting the Law Society on 020 7242 1222 or you can use a professional will writer who you can find by calling the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners on 020 7340 0500.