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As one of the leading providers of performing arts in Calderdale, Square Chapel offers a platform for new and exciting work across artforms, and is a vibrant centre for arts participation across communities and generations..

Now in its twenty fifth year, and with audiences and visitors reaching over 40,000 people every year, Square Chapel has outgrown its current facilities and we are therefore embarking on an ambitious but deliverable plan to secure our future with an exciting and contemporary extension to the existing building, leading up to the Piece Hall. The new building will house a new performance space and technical facilities, while visitor facilities will be upgraded to accommodate increased audiences, and provide an improved environment for all users.

The project has been developed to ensure that we can develop and flourish, expand artistically, fulfil and extend our community role, and secure our long term financial viability.

Please support us in this exciting venture!

Director, Square Chapel Trust

The new building

Robert Evans www.evansvettori.co.uk has designed a contemporary building using modern materials, glass and copper cladding, to unite the red brick of Square Chapel with the stone of the Piece Hall. The extension will comprise:

  • a new 120+ seat multi-purpose auditorium, to be used for small scale, intimate performances, film, and daytime activities such as workshops and rehearsals
  • a large foyer housing a café/bar and box office which will link the new auditorium to Square Chapel with level access throughout
  • new dressing rooms
  • new meeting rooms
  • a new lift and staircase, giving access to ground floor toilets
  • new and improved customer toilets
  • new offices and storage
  • new accommodation for the volunteers

Who will benefit

Our audience and visitor needs and expectations are at the centre of the project. The successful delivery of the project will directly benefit current audiences, and enable the development of new audiences, including:

  • People living and working in the region
  • Older people
  • People with limited mobility
  • Diverse communities
  • Children and young people
  • Families
  • Artists
  • Volunteers
  • Visitors and tourists.

Heritage Benefits
The proposed work will ensure that the historic elements of Square Chapel are sympathetically restored allowing the building to fulfil and extend its role as a busy performing and community arts centre. The work will ensure that the fabric of this much loved historic building is safe and secure for future generations to enjoy.

Proposed internal works include:-

  • updating and upgrading public spaces throughout the building
  • replacing historic plaster
  • plastering interior walls which are still bare brick
  • installing new heating system
  • installing new floors and new partitions to provide flexible spaces
  • installing technical upgrades to the auditorium
  • undertaking minor roof repairs

Proposed external work would make the historic old graveyard a more comfortable place to sit and spend time by:-

  • restoring and interpreting historic ledger stones
  • installing new seating
  • creating a drop off point for people with disabilities.

What it will cost; How you can help

The project will cost £5.9m, and we delighted with the support of £3.9m from Arts Council England, while the land for the new building has been generously given by Calderdale Metropolitan District Council. We aim to raise the balance of £2m from Trusts and Foundations, individuals and the business community.
More than £1m has been raised so far, including generous pledges of £500,000 from the Monument Trust, £300,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation, £100,000 from the Foyle Foundation, and £50,000 from both the Sir George Martin Trust and the Wolfson Foundation, together with a number of generous donations from individuals,.

We are well on the way – but need your help to reach our target.  Sign up below to keep in touch with developments, and look out for the launch of the public campaign in April.

The fundraising campaign is named Cornerstone, reflecting the physical nature of the building , and also that this project is the cornerstone of our plans for sustainability and financial security.

Find out more

For updates on how fundraising is going, or to sign up for the quarterly Cornerstone e-newsletter, visit our Cornerstone website: www.squarechapel.co.uk/cornerstone


April 2015

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